Keeping Material Management In The Field Simple

At Field Materials, we've heard all sorts of complaints around the construction material ordering process, shared by our customers. During these discussions, a recurring issue comes into focus – the logistics of material delivery and on-site orders in the field.

A foreman's day

Imagine a typical construction foreman's day. It's a constant juggling act. They have hundreds of other things to worry about besides material orders. 

Sometimes, despite clear specifications, the wrong items or damaged items are delivered and this has to be communicated to the office and the vendor. Other times, you may have to push out a delivery because of a delay. On other occasions, a quick run to the local hardware store is required for materials, but then the foreman must remember to maintain receipts and keep tabs on the project's expenses. On top of it all, you still need to remember to order materials from suppliers on a weekly basis for the next phase of the project. You need to do it quickly without having to pull up email. 

The problem lies in the substantial time drain these scenarios impose on the foreman, while the primary objective remains to complete the project promptly and within budget.

Field app should be a breeze to use

In our quest for a solution, we took inspiration from the seamless conveniences of modern app-based services. Ordering an Uber or having food delivered via apps like DoorDash has become second nature. Even for personal needs, the hassle of driving to a store can be bypassed by simply using an app like Amazon, with items arriving conveniently at your doorstep.

With this in mind, Field Materials set out to develop a mobile application that emulates these user-friendly experiences. A few taps, and your problems are solved. 

Need materials delivered? It's a breeze. You can just tap on the items in the project’s bill of materials to add them to your order and then select the date by which you want your items to be delivered. Alternatively, if the item is not in the project list, you can just start typing the name of the item and the system will automatically suggest one of the previously ordered items.

In Field Materials mobile app, you can just tap on the items in the project’s bill of materials to add them to your order.
Just tap on items and order using our mobile app.

Need to send a packing slip to the office? Say farewell to the tedious task of managing paper receipts. Just take a picture of the slip using our mobile app. Dealing with damaged goods? No worries. You can just tap on one of the items in the order, select the issue type and number of affected items – both the office and the vendor will get immediately notified.

You can receive materials in our mobile just by taking a picture of the packing slip. You can also report by tapping on the individual items.
Take a picture of the packing slip and report issues using our mobile app.

Field Materials iOS and Android apps have been a great success in the field! They are used by foremen and superintendents in a variety of trades every single day to request, manage, receive orders, message vendors, and reference project estimates. It's a game-changer for contractors that are looking to be more efficient.

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