Digital Procurement
for Vendors

Increase customer retention and loyalty

Digital Procurement
for Vendors

Increase customer retention and loyalty

Field Materials for Vendors

Today procurement of construction materials is mostly a manual process that relies on phone calls, emails, and paper (mailed checks and invoices, scanned quotes, etc.)

Field Materials is digitizing the procurement process for vendors and their customers.

Field Materials works with vendors across all traits in construction: drywall, framing, concrete, heavy gauge steel, mechanical, electrical, windows, doors, interior finish, fireproofing, firestopping, insulation.

Why is Field Materials Valuable for Vendors?

Field Materials cloud and mobile applications are designed to empower vendors to:

Increase customer‍
‍retention & loyalty

Increase customer
retention & loyalty

  • Provide a premier personalized procurement experience to existing customers
  • Reinforce existing relationships with customer specific pricing
  • Provide visibility into quote and order status
Eliminate errors and miscommunication.

Eliminate errors &

  • Integrated messaging specific to each order
  • Automated verification of invoice accuracy
  • Prevent duplicate orders from contractors
Streamline operations

Streamline operations

  • Speed up the creation of quotes
  • Automate status notifications to contractors
  • Receive status notifications from contractors
Vendors are emailed secure links to submit quotes and confirm orders without having to create an account.

Getting started

It is easy for vendors to get started.

  • No on-boarding and no account setup needed
  • No training needed
  • No cost
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