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Javier Lucatero

Javier Lucatero

President, Accurate Firestop
Pleasanton, CA

Invoice processing has long been a time sink for my team who is very excited about the automation and the time savings this new module brings. On top of it, we are excited about the additional cost savings Field Materials brings from catching errors in the vendor invoices. Field Materials has changed the game - we believe their process to be the future.

David Clemons

David Clemons

Drywall Division Manager, Pacific Building Group
San Diego, CA

Before Field Materials, we frequently had issues with backorders and invoices. A common issue was ensuring backorders arrived on time and we didn’t get double charged. On top of it, we had to account for wrong quantities or wrong items delivered. Field Materials keeps us organized and does a lot of that leg work for us.

Anthony Arciniega

Anthony Arciniega

Project Manager, RFJ
San Francisco, CA

Before Field Materials, it was not easy to know where orders stood and whether there were any issues with deliveries. I needed to call or email vendors or our superintendents. With Field Materials, the field and the office are finally in sync, and we have all orders in one place.

Gay Lynn Anderson

IT Director, McAlvain Companies
Boise, ID

We have been looking for a solution like Field Materials for a while. As the IT Director of a General Contractor with four different divisions, I was very excited to discover Field Materials and bring this powerful technology to help streamline and speed up the procurement process across all our companies

Robert Klugh

Robert Klugh

President, SWACCA Western Region
Los Angeles, CA

As a longtime President of Martin Brothers, I realized early on that software is a key differentiator needed to stay ahead of competition. Field Materials is a prime example of software technology that is transforming the construction industry.

Andy Ball

Andy Ball

Former CEO, Webcor
Oakland, CA

After 44 years in Construction (20 years as the CEO of Webcor), I recognize the significance of streamlining operations. Field Materials platform provides an essential digital link between the field, the office, and the vendors, thereby reducing time and lost efficiency inherent in this process.

Organize quotes, orders & invoices in one place

Field Materials makes it easy to import your budget from any takeoff / estimating software.
  • Track orders (vendor or warehouse), backorders, and delivery issues
  • Avoid manual data entry for each PO
  • Save 5-10% in project material costs by automating quote analysis
Field Materials makes it easy to bring your budget from your takeoff / estimating software.
Field Materials mobile app makes it easy to request materials using the project's bill of materials.

Speed up ordering & receiving materials in the field

Field Materials mobile app makes it easy to request materials using the project's list of materials.
  • Request materials with a few taps
  • Upload delivery slips and instantly notify vendors of any issues
  • Minimize calls with automated reminders to vendors

Auto-detect invoice errors

Field Materials centralizes all quotes, buyouts, orders, invoices, and purchase-related emails in one place.
  • Auto-scan incoming invoices and push them into your ERP
  • Cut 90% of invoice processing time
  • Save 5-10% in material costs by auto-verifying invoices against POs
Field Materials centralizes all orders, quotes, invoices, and purchase-related emails in one place.

Why Field Materials?

  • Reduce PO processing time by 90%
  • Track orders & backorders in one place
  • Save 5-10% in material costs by catching invoice errors
  • Keep your current process while automating manual steps
  • Powerful mobile app to request, track, and receive orders in the field
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Integrate with your Estimation and Accounting

Import project data, vendor details, and cost codes in minutes. Synchronize POs and invoices in real-time with your accounting software.

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Field Materials integrates with all major takeoff / estimating software and all major ERP / accounting software in construction.

Field Materials supports multiple trades

We help specialty subs and self-performing GC’s across North America save hundreds of hours per month by streamlining their material procurement.

GC / Sub Contractor
Suppliers are notified of orders and quote requests via email and SMS.

Are you a Vendor?

Sales and operations staff of material suppliers across North America use Field Materials to grow and strengthen relationships with their customers

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Meet our Partners

Field Materials Partner Network includes leading professional trade organizations, technology companies, and manufacturers.

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