Reduce your PO processing time by 90% by eliminating data entry for purchase orders (POs): our platform automatically syncs orders as committed costs to the most common ERPs.

Request and receive orders via our desktop or iOS/Android app. Select items from the project’s pre-loaded bill of materials or your own custom database of materials.

Place and receive orders via Field Materials mobile app.

How it works

Use our desktop experience to review orders and sync them as POs to your ERP.
  • Add your preferred suppliers who don’t need an account and will be notified via an email or text message.
  • Request orders from an existing quote or without a quote from suppliers or from your own warehouse.
  • Create an optional approval flow where orders from the field are subject to review by either a purchaser or a PM in the office.
  • Automatically sync orders as POs / committed costs to your ERP.

It saves time and money

Reduce PO processing time by 90% with Field Materials.
  • Reduce your PO processing time by 90% by eliminating manual data entry for each PO
  • Save an average of 10 minutes per order by automating reminders and follow-ups
  • Track backorders to avoid project delays and double charges
  • Don’t let delivery issues and vendor credits fall through the cracks
  • Capture proof of delivery (packing slips) using our mobile app