Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop are leading accounting and business finance software products for small and medium sized businesses.

Field Materials brings a seamless experience with Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop, bringing relevant project data, and eliminating the need for manual data entry. Field Materials cuts down PO and invoice processing time by 90% while saving 5-10% in material costs on every job.

Quickbooks Online + Quickbooks Desktop
Field Materials
Cost Codes
Quickbooks Online + Quickbooks Desktop

Key benefits

  • Import preferred vendors
  • Import project data
  • Import cost codes 
  • Automate creation of detailed purchase orders (POs) correctly associating each line item to the corresponding cost codes
  • Automate creation of invoice records, matching invoices to POs, and their verification
Field Materials customers can sync invoices to Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop with a single button click.

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