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Procurement for All Construction Trades

While each trade has unique requirements and often relies on domain-specific software, Field Materials was designed to be flexible to support multiple trades:

We help specialty subs and self-performing GC’s across North America save hundreds of hours per month by streamlining their material procurement.

Procurement by Role

Contractors today request quotes, place orders for materials, communicate changes, and report issues through phone calls, emails, and text messages. Our software streamlines workflows that were traditionally done in Excel, email, and paper by people in different roles within the contractor organization.

Field Materials provides both desktop and mobile experiences tailored to a specific function within the contractor organization.


  • Import project estimates from takeoff software in seconds
  • Request quotes from preferred vendors
  • Analyze quotes and select the best options
  • Create buyouts from quotes to lock in prices
Orders screen of the mobile app makes it easy to track and manage orders.

PMs, Superintendents, Foremen, Purchasers

Orders screen of the mobile app makes it easy to track and manage orders.
  • Request and manage orders from the field
  • Approve field orders and export orders as POs into ERP
  • Track and receive deliveries and capture delivery slips
  • Notify vendors of damaged goods or missing items with photos
  • Track material costs against budget
  • Remind vendors about upcoming deliveries and backorders

Accounts Payable Staff, Accountants

  • Auto-scan incoming invoices and push them to ERP
  • Auto-verify invoices against POs
  • Track material costs against budget estimates