How Field Materials Handles Large Projects

In the world of large-scale construction projects, efficient material management is critical to the success of the project. These projects often encompass multiple buildings and floors. Organizing projects into zones or areas helps streamline material ordering for contractors and vendors.

Developed in collaboration with commercial contractors, Project Zones feature in Field Materials is designed to address these challenges. A project zone can be used to define an entire building, a floor, or a portion of a floor (e.g., East Wing vs West Wing). You can assign  for each zone a custom budget and a separate bill of materials (estimates). Within each order, you can then assign each material or equipment line item to a specific zone. Such separation into zones enables granular reporting where spending can be grouped and tracked against estimates by zone and cost code combination (each with its own custom budget potentially).

Project Zones feature in Field Materials helps contractors group spending by both zones and cost codes

Zones can also simplify the ordering process.  For example, when placing an order, you could reference a custom bill of materials (estimates) for each zone and bring the right quantities of materials specified for that zone. Also, assigning items to specific zones in the order makes it very clear to the vendor where the material needs to be delivered and stocked. Your order could even contain materials for two different zones and you could instruct the vendor to stock materials differently for each zone. Even if the order contains multiple zones, Field Materials will accurately track and aggregate costs by zone and cost code.

All in all, Project Zones is an instrumental feature for efficient material management on large scale projects. By breaking down both estimates as well as orders into zones, contractors can achieve greater visibility over material and equipment spending, minimize budgetary concerns, and facilitate smoother project execution.

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